Be yourself,
because all the others
are already taken
- Oscar Wilde -

About us

We used to say for ourselves how we are young, creative, current, innovative and different.
Not much has changed.
Years passed slowly and we replaced our youth for experience.
Everything else remains the same.
We like to work with people who are open, people who want to improve their business, people
whit vision of different and more intelligent communication with the market and customers.
We show the utmost respect for our clients, we are flexible and always available, we honor the deadlines and agreements.
We are not a classic marketing agency.
Every of our project is unique, just as every client is different.
We use new technologies and enjoy our work - because we love it.
"More than design"
It's hard to notice content without appropriate context.
When we got in touch with "ArtNet" studio in order to get a proposal for visual identity of "New Leaders" 2012. we came across something much more than you would normally expect. Their designers invested more than ordinary work on our solution - they managed to successfully understand the story behind it and then graphically brought to life the messages we wanted to communicate with our audience. Being focused on details, high level of professionalism and artistic approach to work are the things that convinced us that what "ArtNet" does is more than design.

Dušan Janković,
Project Manager "New Leaders" 2012.
What to write, beside what you have already seen on this site and all other sites that these extremely
talented people have made. I can only add my story as confirmation of the above
and as an inspiration to all of you who have not already part of the story. It's was in 2010. when I helped
Arxikon Ltd supplies company to finally get a professional web site. So we came up Art
Net. I wanted only the best. A man came to the meeting and after 10 minutes I knew
that was it. Professionalism, reality, talent.
World class, but ours!
Last year I decided to seriously start my own business, doing what I
most always loved to do. Every beginning is difficult and suspicion lurks at every step in a
life of an artist, but these people have always found a way to streamline and support me,
because their knowledge of the market is perfect, plus a gift of knowing what I want, and before I know it!
Is that not perfect?
To good to be true? Try them!

Danijela Stakić Ioannou
"They asked me to write panegyrick about art_net,
So they could put my words of praise in the middle of their site,
I will send my praise,
As soon as they pay!

I have paid fair and square for all they have done.
They did it - I'm left speechless!
They praised themselves!
Now they would like my praise?
OK, but they should pay!

Therefore, let it be known: all the praises that stand here
Are not ordered, they came from my heart!
Site they did
is their own praise!"

Jovica Jocko Tišma
Children's Land Theatre
"We recognize you as partners in a joint venture and we are satisfied with what we have done together. According to impressions from our site, we see that they are satisfied that the site is intended for. We got a dynamic, attractive, informative and communicative website, with easy access to Facebook and Twitter, which allow us to make as many friends of the festival circuit. For your team to count as part of our team and we hope that our cooperation to overcome the client relationship and implementers, and that we work in the common interest of promoting the festival through one of the most powerful mass medium of communication today. Also, we want you to keep old customers and gain many new to your company grows and develops."

Dragoljub Martić,
Director of Fortress Theatre Festival
"As one of the first clients of art_net studio, in the moment of signing the contract we were very sceptical about the way that our ideas will be put through, and the way our site should look. But, these creative people quickly made us change our views, and our site became very praised and used in the area of tourism. We are thankfull for taht, and for their quick responses when applying the changes and improving the design. We wish you much more successs!!!!"

Radovan Stanković
CEO of Korona tours
"I started cooperation with art_net studio because I was intrigued by their past work. Somehow from the begining I believed in their vision of how should MY art be represented on the Internet, and after the project was completed, I'm not only satisfied, but I keep getting praieses from the people visiting my site, for my work as well as for the comlete design and usability of the site. Profesionalism and personal approach to every client is something that represents this studio, and if that's what you want, then I'M HIGHLY RECOMMENDING THEM!!!"

Suzana Gigić
"Art_net, studio of young, creative and hard-working people, who have completely fulfilled all of our demands in realization, design and tech-support of the web presentation of the NEWPRESS company. A big thanks for their prompt responses."

Saša Nikolić,
CEO of the Newpress company