Imagination is
more important
than knowledge
- Albert Einstein -
Strategije-usluga    Digital strategies

Web marketing or Internet marketing represents a set of strategies, marketing tools and techniques which are applied using the most powerful mean of communication and information gathering, Internet. With the great expansion and growth of the Internet technologies, and also with the immense prevelance, Internet as a mass communication mean represents a huge market place with an incredible posibility to use marketing techniques on a certain population and target audiance for your business.
This way, marketing requires a complex set of techniques put together as a whole. Our team offers you a detailed plan making, detailed marketing strategies and the complete installation of your Internet promotion. Detailed plan making means gathering information on target audiance and the way that information are gathered. Design adaption and the best presentation of the products and services offered.
The ways that Web Marketing acts are:
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
 Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,...)
E-mail marketing (sending e-mails and informing a large number of people on certain products and services)
Ad banners (placing advertisement banners on portals and web sites)
Newsletters (sending of newsletters in a certain period of time to clients or to those who could become clients, with new information, designed in dependance of business policy, which shows good communication with clients).
Great advantage of this kind of marketing is posibility to reachevery single individual, i.e. reaching a consumer of a certain service.
Art_Net Studio can help you that with the minimum resources maximize the impact of the web advertizing.
Design is the first impression,
and we know that first impression is crucial.
Why us?
We like to get to know our clients and form our project goals togheter
We produce conceptual solution and design with a plan of activities
We program and develop projects using the latest technologies
We test, optimize, and release the live project
We offer an effective promotion strategy that will increase visitors and pay off your investments