A creative man
is motivated by
the desire to achieve,
not by a desire to beat others
- Ayn Rand -
Web-usluga    Web design

As a result of many years of experience in designing, programming, and optimization of numerous web sites for clients from different areas, today we are able to offer you original and innovative ideas and ensure diversity from the competition.

Each web site is story for itself. Our team always put maximal effort to make symbiosis of your desire and best solution in order to create ideal promotion for you and your company.

In the matter of design, web site must be ideally created, with carefully chosen colors, precise arrangement, easy navigation, nice to look at, easy to use by visitors who want to find certain information.

Design is the first impression, and we know that the first impression is the most important one.

Art Net web team provides web application development, web portals and web hosting for sites. We follow innovations in the world of information technology, we guarantee for professionalism, quality and safety of all applications that we make.

Art Net is developing web applications using languages​​:

  • PHP
  • Ruby

and frameworks such as:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Wordpress

With usage of  modern technologies in the field of software engineering, we create fast, stable and secure applications on the web. We follow the latest standards in Web 2.0, SEO optimization for search and open source.

Design is the first impression,
and we know that first impression is crucial.
Why us?
We like to get to know our clients and form our project goals togheter
We produce conceptual solution and design with a plan of activities
We program and develop projects using the latest technologies
We test, optimize, and release the live project
We offer an effective promotion strategy that will increase visitors and pay off your investments